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 Artist's Statement 

The Art Factory
mary painting_edited.jpg


My work starts with a color palette that is chosen to give a harmonious look to the painting.  The paintings have texture coming from the many underlayers of experimentation.  I will keep editing and curating the elements in a painting until I have something that pleases my eye.   In the finishing of a piece of art I will add surprising marks, often in a color that doesn’t quite fit in.  This last stage is added to give the art some spice, and something unusual.


Some works are abstract representations of cities, buildings, or aerial views of fictional places.  Other works are abstracted landscapes.  I work in acrylics using brushes, scrapers, squeegees and any other implements I can find.  I also make works in encaustic, using pigmented hot wax to create the piece.  I am all about experimentation and trying new techniques to see what happens. 

Urban On wall_edited.jpg
Painting Equipments
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